CS641: Final

Take Home Exam. (Due date Tuesday 10th Dec., 2002 )

Question 1.

Understand and learn about an implementation of a project done by another student that interests you. Critique the implementation and suggest one experiment that has scientific significance based on the current implementation or your proposed enhancement.Please let me know if you need help in selecting the project or getting more information. Feel free to communicate with the TA or any student in the class.

Critique should include information such as: how can the implementation be improved, what assumptions should be changed, what tools could be used to support the implementation. Write about how you will do the same implementation and what other/additional features will be useful to implement and how you can proceed with them.

For the experiment, learn about the data that has been collected by a given project. Suggest new hypothesis, parameters and methods, and list any conclusions or analysis that is useful. (I will list some sample experiments that Ahsan or I have proposed on the web site so you can see how an experiment can be proposed). A sample proposal on experiments in multimedia security will be on web site. This question is a test of how you can evaluate an implementation project/paper and propose further studies.

Question 2.
Study the review of one or more papers (reviews have been posted on the web site) in a different area than review done by you. Give an overview of the problems in this topic. Give a summary of research results that has been done (like a literature survey of work in the past). The topics that are of interest area mobile multimedia, security, peer to peer streaming, digital libraries, index structures, video conferencing, multimedia networking.

Question 3 and 4 will be given during the class examination on Dec 10th. and they wll be based on the material from the book. I will discuss the material during the class on Monday Dec 1 but they will be based on only the slides/sections that I have covered in class. Those who have talked to me about an earlier exam may contact me for another time /date.

Final Tuesday, Dec 10 2002 1-3 PM