CS641: Mid Term

Take Home Exam. (Due date 28th Oct., 2002 )
Total Points: 25 

Question A. (10 points)

Choose one of the areas from below:
Answer the following questions.
    1. What is the research questions? (1/2 page)
    2. Specify ideas that can make this area succeed commercially. (1-2 pages)
    3. Give results/experiments that are based on one of the ideas. (2 pages) Give results of one experiment.
    4. What are the experiments that need to be conducted to make progress in the area. What tools are available or can be developed. (2 pages)

Question B. (10 Points)
Read one paper on Multimedia topic and write a review on the major contribution. (3 pages) I have placed several papers and journals in Raidlab. You may browse them and select one paper. I will help you with finalizing the paper that you can review on Friday.

Presentation C. (5 points) Present the answer to question A or B to others in class (3-5 slides, 10 minutes max) ( This will be done after Oct. 28th)

(Please note that the final exam will be in class and will be worth 25 points also)