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Publications related to Peer-to-Peer Systems

  • D. Xu, M. Hefeeda, S. Hambrush, B. Bhargava, On Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming,  In Proc. of  International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'02),  Vienna, Austria, July 2002 .

Network Monitoring and Security

Publications related to Security Issues in Mobile Systems and Ad Hoc Networks

  • Experiments in Adaptability and Security in Multimedia Systems, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. , in proceedings of 10thDEXA'99, Florence, Italy, pp. 1096- 1011
  • Adaptability and Security in Multimedia Systems, B. Bhargava, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Database Expert Systems (DEXA-99), Florence, 1999, pp. 1-5
  • An Adaptable Network Architecture for Multi-media Traffic Management and Control, S. Wang and B. Bhargava, in Proceedings of the IEEEInternational Conference on Multimedia System, New York, August 2000,pp 670-675
  • Secure Mobile Networks, B. Bhargava, in Proceedings of Conference on Dependable Computing, Los Angeles, Dec. 2000.
  • Achieving Flexibility and Scalability: A New Architecture for Wireless Network, Y. Lu and B. Bhargava, in Proceedings of IC'2001, Las Vegas, Jun. 2001.
  • An Architecture for Secure Wireless Networking, Y. Lu and B. Bhargava, in IEEE Workshop on "Reliable and Secure Application in Mobile Environemnt, New Orleans, Oct. 2001.

Papers related to Multimedia over Mobile Wireless Networks

        Papers related to Quality of Service

       Papers related to Security in Web DataManagement

  • Data Organization Issues in Location-dependent Query Processingin Mobile Computing, S. Madria, B. Bhargava, E. Pitoura and V.Kumar, in Proceeding of International Conference, ADBIS-DASFAA 2000, Prague, Sept. 2000.
  • Web Schema in WHOWEDA, S.Sourav,W. Ne and S. Madria, in Proceedings of ACM workshop on DOLAP, Washington DC, Nov.2000.
  • Secured Web Access, M. Mohania, V. Kumar, Y. Kambayashi and B. Bhargava, in International Conference on Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, Nov 13-16, Kyoto, Japan
  • Security in DataWarehousing, B. Bhargava, in International Conference on Data Warehouse& Knowledge Discover, DaWak-2000, Sept. 2000, London, UK

      Papers related to Trust Management and Authorization

Papers related to Sensor Networks


Proposals Funded/Submitted to Funding Agencies


Public Presentations

  • 10th International Database and Expert SystemsApplications (DEXA'99), Florence, Italy, Sept. 1999
  • Workshop at University of California at Irvine, Oct. 1999.
  • APICS (Atlantic Province Information and Computing Society) conference, Canada, Nov. 1999
  • Experimentsin Adaptable and Secure Multimedia Database Systems, Florence, Italy, Sept.1999
  • Key note speaker, MobileDistributed Database Conference
  • Fault-Tolerant Authenticationand Group Key Management in Mobile Computing, Advances in Security inInternet Computing, Las Vegas, June 2000
  • Key note speaker, "Secure Mobile System" in Workshop on Mobile Distributed Data Systems, London, UK, Sep. 2000
  • Invited speaker, "Security in Data Warehousing" in Workshop on DaWak-2000 (Data Warehouse & Knowledge Discovery, London, UK, Sep. 2000
  • "Secured Web Access" Kyoto International Conference on Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, Japan, Nov. 2000
  • TRW, July 2000
  • Cambridge University, Sep. 2000
  • University of Cincinnati, Nov. 2000
  • University of Kentucky, Nov. 2000
  • Northwestern University, Nov. 2000


Projects Description

Secure Mobile Systems (Funded by NSF, IBM)

Survivability and secure communications are essential in a mobile computing environment. We propose to conduct a series of experiments that will lead to the development of new authentication and key management techniques for wireless communications. We study the implementation of various authentication schemes on the overall system performance. We propose a technique to achieve fault-tolerant mobile node authentication in an efficient way. We will evaluate how various secure group communication and access control techniques fit into the wireless world by conducting scientific experiments in a systematic way.

Students: Yi Lu, Mohammed Hefeeda

Network Security and Quality of Service (QoS) (Funded by ITR NSF, CERIAS, IBM)

We are doing research on monitoring network domains to ensure that the domain is not under attack by injecting execssive traffic or by violating service level agreements. The objective of this research is make a domain safe and provide quality of service to the users as it is agreed upon with the provider. For scalable network monitoring, our focus is to develop monitoring schemes that do not involve core routers in any measurement or poll the core routers for delay, loss, or bandwidth parameters. The misbehaving flows are detected and controlled by activating filters and shapers. Security is treated as a Quality of Service (QoS) parameter. Traffic Conditioner (TC) is an important part of Differentiated Services (DiffServ) networks. TC marks packets as IN or OUT profile or set the drop precedence. Based on this core routers give services to packets. There are several techniques for conditioning. TCP is a very conservative protocol and we can utilize some of it's features to develop a good TC. TC also should consider the current measured rate and target rate of an aggregated flow to set drop precedence. We explore several ideas to improve the performance of existing TC.

Students: Ahsan Habib, Maleq Khan, Mohamed Hefeeda

Web and Data Warehousing Security (Funded by CERIAS)

Data warehouse is an integrated repository derived from multiple source (operational and legacy) databases. The data warehouse is created by either replicating the different source data or transforming them to new representation. This process involves reading, cleaning, aggregating and storing the data in the warehouse model. The software tools are used to access the warehouse for strategic analysis, decision-making, marketing types of applications. It can be used for inventory control of shelf stock in many departmental stores.

We focus on the following ideas that can contribute towards warehouse security:
1. Replication control
2. Aggregation and Generalization
3. Exaggeration and Misleading
4. Anonymity
5. User Profile Based Security

This project aims at developing and implementing efficient authorization and access control mechanisms for web document and content of the document so that the legitimate users can access the right data. We plan to investigate user identification, authentication and access control as important security issue.  Mechanisms will be developed and implemented for both static and dynamic security.

Students: Yuhui Zhong, Malika Guerni


This research is supported in part by the National Science Foundation CCR-001712 and CCR-001788, CERIAS, IBM SUR grant. 

Questions and comments: resbb@cs.purdue.edu